Installing Windows XP Pro

I accidently wiped out my windows OS after running it the past 3 years. So i reinstalled it. For some reason I can’t connect to the internet. Just wondering if someone could give me a checklist of somethings to check.
I run a linux live CD, and when I am on linux I can connect to the internet but not when i am using windows.
I have checked the ethernet card when I go to my network connections and it says it is connected.
I aslo tried to activate windows but I can’t cause it can’t connect to the internet.
Can anybody help?? I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

Sorry to hear about your problems. :sad:

Dumb question; is windoze firewall disabled.

If you don’t know how to disable it try to open windoze security centre and make your default start page as an exeption.

If you have an Ethernet router, be sure to set the IP address of the router as gateway in the net card TCP/IP properties :slight_smile:

Check the router user manual to see what is the correct IP

I also suggest to use openDNS as DNS server :slight_smile:

You may need to install the LAN driver for XP. If it’s an onboard chip, you can find it on the mobo support CD or alternatively, download it from the mobo support page (in Linux of course ;)).


When you reinstalled windows - did you happen to reformat/repartition the hard drive?

Even if you didn’t - it looks like somehow you did something to the motherboard drivers - so find your motherboard install cd and rerun the program - then you should be able to then connect to the internet-eh!!

remove the side panel on your computer and get the model # for your motherboard. use another computer and go to the website and download the drivers for the motherboard. reload the drivers.