Installing windows when already having windows

Hi, i recently started using windows, but for some reason the code i had didn’t work so i had to use the 30 free days untill i bought a band new windows vista… Now i want to install this new vista, and since its another version i cant just use the activation key, i have to reinstall windows.

My friends tell me just to put in the Dvd and it should detect it under startup, but nothing happens. I’ve tried several things, also asked it to do cD/dvd boots as the very first thing, and it does come up with “Boot cd/dvd:” under startup, but i dont know where to go from here… been trying for 3 days now and getting a lil frustrated…

help would be greatly valued.

Let me ask you a few questions. When you say “code” do you mean the activation key for Windows? Do you have a copy of Windows on your hard drive now? Did you go into the bios and change the boot order to boot from CD/DVD drive first? When you insert the Vista DVD and boot are you saying that the only thing that appears on your screen is “Boot cd/dvd”? What happens if you just press the enter key?