Installing Windows Server 2003 in Virtual PC



Hello there:
I’m trying to install Server 2003 EN in my Virtual PC (I already have XP Mode) at home (Win7 Ultimate) but I’m not able to do it. I created the virtual machine but it looks like my CD is not bootable according to the message I receive. Well, then I tried the other option: the trial version that Microsoft offers but it is a .exe file and don’t know what to do with that.
Any help with that would be greatly appreciated.


You’ve already admitted that the cd you have is not a legitimate copy. No discussion of that cd will be allowed.

If anyone has help for avp144, please keep it to the trial version.


Do you have the Virtual Machine (VM) additions installed? IIRC that should allow to copy files such as the trial .exe across from your Win7 install that is hosting the VM.

Otherwise, redownload it from within the virtual machine and double-click it?


Ok imkidd57 thanks for your answer, let’s see if i understand. I just have the virtual PC installed and the virtual machine for server 2003 created. When i open it, looks like a comand prompt windows waiting for a bootable CD to start the installation.
My big question: How can I get the additions and where? I cannot do anything from the VM but installing the OS.


Yea actually I think I misunderstood, sorry. You should be able to install direct to the VM if it was configured to boot from CD.

Are you sure the .exe file isn’t the service pack? Otherwise double-click it in Win7 and see whether it burns a CD for you.