Installing windows on HP laptop

i just got a new HP pavillion 8305 laptop that came with windows xp home. For some reason these computer companies dont send any backup discs . I got a copy of windows media center and would like to clean install. Is it safe to do so or should i create a backup cd first of the hard drive which has home edition? tx

If it’s a HP pavillion laptop first create a back up CD just in case you can’t find all the drivers you need. Then you it should be OK to install XP again, if you are missing any drivers you can use the ones you backed up on to the CD.

I cannot imagine HP not giving backup discs…it is probably labeled as recovery disc, which will reinstall the laptop as it was when you got it…

yeah i double checked and even called HP and they said backup disc cost $10 if i want it which is total rip off considering i spent 1G .The lappy came with some useless crap and i want to clean install windows.But my other question was since i have my media center edition from HP desktop would i be able to install it on my lappy?

No, you can use/activate XP on one computer only and an XP Home key won’t work with the Media Center edition, afaik. If that’s a brand new laptop without recovery discs, at least make a Ghost or True Image backup before doing anything else with it. Then you can uninstall anything you don’t want/need through Add/Remove Programs.

damn that sux bc i was planning to upgrade to media center edition.I thought u can upgrade to any OS with retail windows :confused:does it mean i wont be able to get vista next yr also? it doesnt make sense.

he’s right. I’ve bitched about this many times. HP does not give you backup discs at ALL starting roughly 4 or 5 years ago.

what they do give is a recovery partition on the hard drive and in the last 2-3 years they’ve included software that allows you to make your OWN backup discs, but you can only do it once or twice.

if you use up your recovery disc making chances and lose the discs or if you wip out the recovery partition before making the discs you’re SOL, and you have to purchase recovery discs from HP.

This stuff drives me batty, that you can spend $1-2 K and still have to purchase recovery discs. I bought my wife a new dell laptop this year. It came without any recovery discs.Through dell support (email) I was directed to use the recovery utility to create a recovery dvd. While that sounded ok, I had already discovered that dell had removed this utlility sometime the year before. My second email I was a tad more assertive and ultimately told dell that if this was not resolved quickly and to my satisfaction, I would be returning the laptop since they were unwilling/unable to offer basic support in light of a hardware/boot failure.
I received the discs within a few days…no charge.

Last I knew, hp has a utility to create an xp recovery dvd …one time only. At least my daughter’s pavilion has the option, it’s about 2 years old.

Sorry, must’ve been typing when reasons replied. just to add to her comments…creating that dvd was the first, damn thing I did!

Actually HP was one of the last holdouts on giving out backup discs. Not many give them out anymore. The HP dv5000z I saw at the beginning of the year had them, but shortly thereafter they changed the policy. Now you must pay for them. You can also only burn them off only once. $10 seems like a good investment since you are paying $1k for a notebook.