Installing Win7 and Nivida driver is making my login screen to hang. Please help

Right, I’ve bought a OCZ Vertex2 120GB SSD. I’ve installed Win7 64-bit and installed all updates ok. Now, here comes the ballache. I’ve tried installing the Nvidia driver for my GTX460 (301.42). When I restart my PC, the PC just hangs just after the welcome screen. All I see is the wallpaper for my desktop. No taskbar, icons or anything. The only way I can get my PC to work again is to reset and boot into safe mode and uninstall the Nvidia driver. I’ve spent 5 days trying to sort this out now (I’ve re-installed Windows 4 times now and still getting the same problem!) and I’m getting nowhere. I’ve contacted OCZ and Nvidia for help and they wasn’t much help to be honest.

So, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Oh, sorry. Sysytem specs-

Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe.

Intel core 2 Quad @ 2.4 Ghz.
4GB Kingston RAM. Asus GTX 460.


OCZ Vertex2 120 GB SSD.
650w PSU.

I have had problems installing the video-driver version that Windows Update offers, and I wonder if this is similar?

What’s the source of your NVidia driver - NVidia or Windows Update?

(I have always deferred to the NVidia or AMD website, consequently - the WinUpdate is good for a ‘notification’ that an update exists, but I won’t use their version.)

If your driver-source is the NVidia website, then my next tactic might, “Let’s blame this newest version” and then see if I can find a 1- or 2-older predecessor, and see if those change the start-up behavior.

I’ve tried installing the Windows Update version and the most up-to-date version from the Nvidia website, but with no luck. Nvidia sent me the beta for version 304 too, and still no joy.

try to install these 64bit silicon image controler driver

maybe its a conflict with the Nvidia 64bit drivers

and of corse tne nvidia nforce drivers for youre MB chipset

All of them or a specific one?

the nforce drivers are mandatory and if you have youre SSD connected to the siliconimage raid controler you must install them to.

[QUOTE=aferg01;2647174]All of them or a specific one?[/QUOTE]

Install all the current drivers from the motherboard site and nvidia site along with the driver if needed for your SSD from the manufature site. Don’t use windows update as that might not be the best way to get the most stable drivers that is released by the manufacture. And see if that doesn’t help. I also have AMD Quad 3.0Ghz Asus board with the GTX460 and don’t have freeze problem with my windows7x64Ult Sp1 install. So I don’t think it’s the GPU but a possible driver conflict seem most likely but you need to make sure you go all the right driver for the motherboard, GPU, SSD to make sure everything work together and that they match the O/S version your using. I think my board is a Asus M4N72-E with the latest bios but I would also check to make sure your Bios is up to date as well that could be what is also causing internal conflicts that you can’t see.

Right, I’ve got the SATAlink controller, how do I install it? I can’t see a setup.exe file.


[QUOTE=aferg01;2647491]Right, I’ve got the SATAlink controller, how do I install it? I can’t see a setup.exe file.
I’ve tried installing it through Windows in device manager off a USB stick, and it says that it cannot find a driver.

Change of plan. Going to try cloning my HDD to the SSD with Macrium Reflect. Wish me luck…

UPDATE: Success! Cloned my HDD to SSD, had to go into system recovery on my Windows install disc, and do a little repair. All done. Thanks for your replies. :slight_smile:

i had to remove my card inbstall win7 then put card in after