Installing Win XP Soundblaster DE5.1 driver patches

Hi. I’m currently assembling together driver updates for my PC hardware for an intended future install of XP home. Although, I do plan to keep Windows 98 & make it dual boot,(I hope!).

With my PC hardware being relatively recent, most XP driver updates seem to be fine, but I’m a little concerned about the Creative Soundblaster DE5.1

Creative have 2 XP related Driver packs for the SB live! 5.1 cards. One is a 50Mb all in one, whilst they also have a smaller seperate packs of the core drivers, & the Apps patches etc. But their instructions seem a tad vague on the installation instructions. Does anyone know if you have to install your default driver CD drivers,(the ones that came with the soundblaster live card), first & the app’s like sound recorder,playcenter etc. first & then apply these soundblaster XP patches? I’m most concerned about the core drivers in that regard.:confused:

Thanks for the advice guys.:slight_smile:

yes as far as i know you do need to install the cd drivers first. Also its better to get the ones you need not the big pack I got the big pack and installed it and half the things i had from the cd had gone from audiohq.

just go with xp now with service pack 1 it shits all over 98

Thanks for the feedback slayerking, it’s much appreciated!:slight_smile:

A question though-what “features” from Audio HQ & the other SB Live! apps have gone missing? Creative referred to the launcher app going,(no big loss) & the EAX demos, but what about Wavestudio, for example?

the mixer was gone and a couple of the other ones in audiohq and as you know (or should) its pretty useless without the mixer as you cant make new presets. so i uninstalled it and got the smaller ones and now nothing is gone

i should have said that i have both audigy and de5.1 and it happened with both

btw in 2 diff systems