Installing twin hard drives & twin writers

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                Can somone please tell me or give me a link, i currently have two hard drives & two dvd writers installed on my machine, but i dont think they are set up correctly, i have the old style ide cables and im trying to find out how they all should be linked together , ie the channels, should both dvd's be connected to the same ide cable and like wise with the hard drives?,or one dvd drive and one hard drive on each cable???,  if someone could help that would be fantastic. :clap: 

Pete :wink:

I am sure you will get different responses on this.

I would put the hard drives together on one cable and the DVD’s together on the other cable.

thanks, i hope i do get some more replys, just interested to find out what people suggest :wink:

Yeah, I would also do the same, put the hard drives on the first ide channel and put the dvd writers on the second ide channel.

Well thats how i have them at the moment so it sounds like im on the right track

one other thing, i have noticed that the ide channels show diff DMA settings, one is on 6 and the other is on 2, should they be the same, altough i cant seem to change them???

i do it that way with my parents pc.

Hard drives and burners run at different speeds, so they are going to have different DMA settings.

so if the hard dirves are on the master ide channel then thats at DMA 6, and the writers are on DMA 2, thats how it should be??

The hard drives have the proper settings, the burners are dependant on which make/model of the burner. Different brands/models run different DMA settings, most commonly modes 2 and 4. It sounds as if yours are configured properly.

Thanks ;- )

just been told to set it up like this, but if i dont do that much dvd to dvd copying, will it still work ok???

“If you do a lot of DVD to DVD copying the best solution would be HD1 and
DVD1 on IDE 1 with HD2 and DVD 2 on IDE2…set HD as master and the
DVD as slave on IDE1”

For that we need to know what burners you actually have. Some burners prefer to be the master drive, and others it doesn’t matter quite so much. So what burners do you have installed?

they are both sony drives, one is a dru830 and the other is a dru710, i think, i also burn a lot of discs off the hard drive, but dont do a great deal of dvd to dvd copying.

My little bit of input: I don’t do on the fly DVD copying as a rule, and two HDDs on IDE1, and two burners on IDE2 has worked well for me.

I believe the DRU830 is a rebadged Samsung SH-S182D, and should be fine as master or slave. :slight_smile:

thanks for your input Arachne, it all helps :wink:

You should be fine with most possible configurations then. Both of those drives are Lite-ON rebadges if IIRC, which I don’t think they are that picky about cable positioning.

Edit: Thanks [B]Arachne[/B] for correcting me. I wasn’t sure on the DRU-830. Surprised Sony doesn’t have the Litey 18A1P though following their current trend.

thanks very much, just one other question, the guy told me to put one hd and one writer on one IDE channel, then set the HD as master and the writer as slave, do i set them the same as that on IDE2 ???

The 830A is the Samsung I mentioned, just did a search to be sure :slight_smile:

Basically, yes. But like some others said, it depends on the particular writer: Some prefer to be the master device on an IDE channel.

In addition, if you daisy-chain anything on the same IDE channel as the boot/Windows hard drive on systems which have still not yet been upgraded to Serial ATA, the overall system performance will be degraded noticeably, especially if both the hard drive and the daisy-chained writer tries to access data simultaneously (as IDE can only transfer data in one direction at a time).