Installing sims 2 (Sandisk 4 GB Cruzer Slide - USB flash drive)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sandisk 4 GB Cruzer Slide - USB flash drive. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

First time on this forum, have always used experts exchange, but they have changed to a premuim members only now so have gone else where as dont use it enough to warrant paying.

Anyway to my question, my daughter has a packard bell laptop with windows xp, but the cd-rom drive does not work so i have copied all her sims 2 disks on the a 4GB flash drive but after installing disk 1 from flash drive it asks for disk 2 but as disk 2 is on a flash drive it will not recognise there is a disk on to install it, although all data is on flash drive.

Any ideas how i can bypass this option and install disk 2 straight from flash drive??

Thanks in advance


Copy protection will prevent it from working I fear.

Possibility is to make image file with the proper software (you may want to check our copy protection forum for tips on what software can handle this). You can copy the image files to USB stick, copy them to the other PC. After that, you can use software to mount the images on a virtual CD drive (e.g. MagicISO or others that may be more appropriate)

Hope this helps you on your way…others know far more on this subject

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