Installing second optical, what's the best way?

I’m using an Abit IC7, both SATA ports are used in a Raid 0 array.
IDE 1 is my Lite-On 48161
IDE 2 is to a WD 200JB

So my NEC3500 will have to share an IDE cable, but with which device ?
I’ve always avoided sharing IDE cables in the past, so it’s the first time I’ve had to.

I would like to be able to read a DVD in the Lite-On and back it up on the NEC, so I’m leaning toward sharing with the HD rather than 1st optical, any potential issues ?

I would try various methods myself, but since the cabling is hidden inside my case, and most options involve buying specific length IDE cables, I want to avoid any currently known issues.
So, share with the HD or other optical ? Which is slave/master, and which is on the end of the IDE cable, and which is on the second connector ?


I have my DVD-rom drive set as “master” and the 3500 as “slave” on the secondary channel and use the jumper settings rather than “cable select” and use only a 80 conductor cable-

Works just fine for years in this configuration-

Happy Burnin’


Thanks bigmike7, I ended up trying it with the DVD-Rom as a slave with the back-up drive, and dedicating the free IDE to the the DVD-Burner. I tested it with 8 burns last night and no coasters, so I’m happy.