Installing SATA with IDE -Win2K

I am putting together a second PC for my daughter. Previously, I had a 20Gb Seagate IDE hard drive with Win2K and a Maxtor 160Gb SATA hard drive for storage. The 20Gb crashed and I bought a 160Gb WD IDE hard drive. (I had backed up the IDE drive to the SATA before the crash.) After installing Win2K on it, and reinstalling the drivers, I was going to restore from the back-up and the SATA drive wasn’t recognized. I installed the Maxtor software and also the VIA Raid tool. In BIOS, I have the order set to boot from IDE0 first, then IDE1 and then SCSI and CD-ROM. I used to be able to get into a Raid window on boot, but not anymore. I’m stumped. Hope I gave enough info to get some help on this.

Unfortuantely, winxp & Win2K don’t natively recognise SATA controllers, as they are detected as SCSI conrtollers.

You will need to find the oem.txt & the *.sys files for your sata controller & put them on a floppy disc (or streamline them on your install disc urgh
When running the installer for Win2K/WinXP, it puts a message at the bottom of the screen : “press F6 to isntall drivers for SCSI controllers” you need to press F6 and put the floppy disc in.

Alternatively, some motherboards have in the bios an option to change the SATA mode from “Native /Sata to Compatability/IDE”.,
In compatability mode, it emulates a normal PATA/IDE connection & reports the drives as master/slave like the old PATA/IDE method, and fools the installer into thinking it’s a real IDE drive.

Wow - thank you for that very informed answer. I did the F6 during Win2K install, but failed to have the floppy in. I set it to boot from floppy after the fact and got the old NTLDR error. Think it’s too late to try and get that installed from floppy? Should I reinstall Win2K and do F6 during the installation? Thanks.

You can’t boot from the floppy. It doesn’t have the necessary boot sector … better off just setting the boot order in bios to “CDROM, HDD, FLOPPY DISK/Other” so it checks the CDRom first.

Boot from the Install CD, but as soon as the installer starts, push the floppy disc in … wait until it gets to the message about loading drivers scsi/storage controllers and press F6.

It will then ask you to load the drivers, and it’ll show you the drivers which you have on the disc ->highlight & press ok … and then follow the instructions to continue the installation.

Be aware that you cannot recover an hard disc image from an IDE based HDD to a computer with scsi/SATA HDD if the bios doesn’t support emulation/compatibility mode for SATA HDD’s.

You can image the new SATA HDD OS drive & restore it to the Sata HDD though.