Installing Ram /HDD/To Laptop

[qanda]This thread is about the Fujitsu AMILO Li 1818 Intel Core 2 Duo T5200. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello I own the above Laptop and I wish to know can I UP the R.A.M Also I want to know what is the Largest size Hard Drive I can Fit to this Laptop and how much R.A.M. I can install, ie the largest HD and the largest ammount of RAM there is 1 GB installed when I purchased it new from PC World in Dublin Ireland, thats where I live, Im Irish. I would also like to get a question which has been bothering me for ages and it concerns Hard Drives, what is the difference between SATA Hard Drive and Other Names which I forget I know they are not compatable and all I know is some have more Pins than others, some are 2 and a half, others are 3 and a half can anybody explain this difference to me in non technicial terms, well I guess you have an idea what I want to do, Upgrade my AMILO 1818 Laptop to its utmoste, all sugestions welcome, ps I just signed up today Thanking Ye all, Peter…

Most Laptops have one HDD bay for a 2.5" SATA drive max size right now is 500GB. Ram will depend on the number of slots, normal is 2, form the specs 2GB is max.

so you can replace the 120GB HDD with a 500GB drive
and replace the 2 x 512MB Ram cards with 2 x 1GB Ram cards

Your Laptop does not have alot of Ram for Vista (1GB) it would run much faster with XP or Windows 7.

With luck you need only remove a few screws to get at the Ram and HDD.

few makers using IDE drives today, SATA have fewer pins and make a better conection, laptop use 2.5" drives 3.5" used mainly by desktops and go up to 1TB + in size.

Thanks for your support I much obliged thank you