Installing problems with new hardware

bought new m’board and prosessor. its all connected and fine. wont let me install large but not old games e.g. medal of honour allied assault, ghost recon. etc.

these problem messages which appear during the installation process:-

blue screen of death-
Disk write error (top of blue screen)



                press any key

and also in a dialogue box-

                    component transfer error

            component:            data files minimul
            file group:
            error:                    unexpected failure


                   !!!!!!!!!!I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your harddisk seems to be malfunctioning. Check if all your cables are connected correctly!

May also be a permissions problem lurking for the user or a NTFS drive.

May also be a permissions problem lurking for the user or a NTFS drive

I don’t understand, how do i sort this out, could it also be anything to do with bios

Occasionally a motherboard does autodetect a harddisk different from older motherboards , which gives a different sectory layout , lba types and other stuff. This can cause serious reading and writing problems in the operating system.

Furthermore , your memory could be faulty , since i kinda had the same problems. Run your memory through a test with MemtextX86 (Google for it)

another thought: games are installing fairly large files, so do you have adequate space on your system partition for the temporary files that they may require for installation? Do you have adequate space in RAM and paging file?

Did you reformat the drive and install a fresh copy of your OS or did you just plug in the new motherboard and booted into your current OS.

Their are certain things you must do if your are changing motherboards between operating systems especially if the motherboards are a different chipset e.g. Intel 815 - nForce 2.

Microsoft has guides in their knowledge base on how to remove system drivers,registry settings etc. that pertain to your individual hardware setup and operating system so you can move you OS intact to a new hardware system.

Your probably encountering some sort off problem that’s related to your IDE drivers, provided that is it’s not an actual hardware issue.

hello everyone

i changed my hard drives (now running on a 6gb fujitsu)
which sorted out the hard drive problem:) and disconnected the other one!!!:bigsmile:

I did reformat my computer and reinstall my OS (win98SE) when i got my new hardware:rolleyes:

all the games and other programs all install fine now. but with the larger games:p once they’re installed they don’t start properly.:frowning: the screen just goes black or wierd with colours everywhere:confused:

I have fix it utilities and run a system diagnostic, an error came up with the 3d animations test=
test failed viewpod file error line=604D:a
I also ran a test on a game called WW3 black gold, it tests your resolution capability before you play it to set your best one:D
all the resolutions failed!!!

could it be a faulty graphics card???:confused:
My motherboard is an Epox 8RDA, my graphics card is a hercules 3d prophet kyro2 64mb, my cpu is a athlon xp 2500+, and i have 1 512mb pc2700 ddr ram :cool:

You could try these drivers their quite recent actually from the Kyro chipsets creator

Direct link to win9x drivers