Installing plextor 24x




I have som problems with installing my plextor…
I se it in windows but he cna’t read any cds
if just says “isn’t ready”.

/Brosa :confused:


Did you check the master/slave settings?!
On every IDE channel only 1 device can be master and the other must be slave! When you choose cable select, that device will choose master or slave whatever is free!
Always make your HD master on IDE1!! If you’ve got a DVD/CDrom player you can make that one slave on IDE1 and make you CDRW master on IDE2. The master/slave settings can be changed on the back of the drive, next to the other connectors!

Installed some ASPI drivers?!
ASPI drivers are used be DVD/CDrom/CDRW drives.
You can get them @ CDRsoft!