Installing on two User accounts

I kind of have only intermediate skills with a computer so maybe this is as little as a Windows setting (using XP Pro) but I don’t know. I have been using AnyDVD for two years without any problems except one thing bugs me. My wife and I have separate User Accounts which I always call Her Side (of the computer) and My Side. I originally installed AnyDVD from My Side and while it does show up in both our “All Programs” it will only work or run from whichever Side logs in first after every reboot. I have to make sure I log in first after a reboot for me to be able to use AnyDVD, is this just the way it is with two User Accounts?

I’ve told my wife any time she reboots to log me in first (and then her) but she forgets or is in a hurry so sometimes she doesn’t, then basically when I want to use AnyDVD I have to reboot again and login first. The thing is she doesn’t even use AnyDVD. I’ve tried reinstalling AnyDVD but I get the same scenario. Any solutions for this?

if you have the program set to autostart then that is probably the problem. the thing is that if you turn off autostart then you have to manually start anydvd any time you want to copy a movie.

1 click for manual vs reboot logon user
take your pick

Yes Autostart was checked I will uncheck it. I didn’t know the solution was so simple, thanks!

Oh I guess I need something clarified. If AnyDVD is not set to Autostart does that mean each time I reboot it will not load an icon in my bottom tray? And you say if it is not set to Autostart I will have to manually manually start AnyDVD each time I want to copy a dvd, I thought it was always running in the background anyway? So if I load a dvd into CloneDVD, AnyDVD won’t start decoding until I click on my desktop icon? I may be confused.

Yes if you do not have it auto start you will have to click on the icon for it to work in the background using clonedvd

you can make a bat file to run both programs when clonedvd is started.

I used notepad and typed in these lines

@start “” “C:\Program Files\SlySoft\AnyDVD\AnyDVD.exe”
@start “” “C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneDVD2\CloneDVD2.exe”

The locations above depend on you location of the two programs anydvd.exe and clonedvd2.exe and must be typed for the correct location.
You can right click on the shortcuts you now have for the two and go to properties and it will show the location of the programs. If your locations are the same as mine you can highlight the two line above copy the paste them in notepad rather than type them there.

Then saved them to the hardrive as clonedvd.bat

Then in windows explorer go to the location you placed the clonedvd.bat and right click it and make a shortcut for it.

Once you have the shortcut made you can highlight it and hold down the left mouse key and drag it to desktop

then just use the new shortcut to open clonedvd and anydvd will start with clonedvd

You can right click on the new shortcut and go to properties and change the name and icon if you like. If you want the same icon as clonedvd then go the location for clonedvd2.exe and click on its icon and it will change the new shortcut to clonedvd icon.

Just uncheck Autostart on your wife’s account, this should do the trick.

Don’t. It is strongly recommended to leave AnyDVD running all the time.
It will prevent your drives to revert to PIO mode. It will fix a lot Windows bugs.
It will prevent Audio-CD and Video-DVD Rootkits to get installed.