Installing new PSU in HP 7965 ~HELP~



Can anyone possibly help me or point me to some web site that may explain how to install a PSU… like what plugs it needs to be hooked to something?


I removed the old one and i didnt think i would forget what plugs went where but it was so dirty inside there that i ended up taking too long to clean and forgot what plugs where :o :frowning: :sad:

I know it was only one or 2 but its been a long day and i screwed up…

Can anyone help me with this? I got one small plug in where it should be im sure… but it seems there was one other one too

Why do they put so many plugs on there anyway when most arent connected to nothin! UGGGGH if they didnt do that maybe it wouldnt be so easy to get confused!!



Read this article: maybe pictures can be useful :slight_smile:

Basically you need to connect the main plug to the mainboard and a 4 pin molex to hard disc and another 4 pin molex for each optical device you have.


Thanks Geno!! Cute avatar!! Im italian too!


Non c’è di che :bigsmile:

There is also an Italian section :wink: