Installing New Processor In Old CPU

Hello CDFreakers. :slight_smile:

I recently purchased a new motherboard (and RAM and processor). Since I’m a student, I tried to get the best bang for my buck. For about 300 US$, I got an AMD Athlon XP 2500+, a Gigabyte Mobo and some super fast RAM. My 2500+ is now a fully functional 3200+, so I’m very happy. :bigsmile:

My question is this: Since my old mobo is no more (the ide controller pooped out), I’d like to utilize the processor from that computer, assuming that there are no problems with it. Currently, my Dad has the same motherboard as I DID, the only difference is that he’s running 733 MhZ and the processer from my old mobo is 1 GhZ. So it’s slightly faster. The other thing I am going to give him is the RAM, so I’m hoping he will see a considerable performance boost.

When I installed my new motherboard, I couldn’t just pop it in, connect the hard drives and be up and running. I had to reformat everything, but thankfully, I have enough hard drives that I didn’t have to suffer data loss.

OK, here’s my real question: Will there be any problems installing the new processor into my Dad’s computer? Can I just pop it in there and not have to worry about him having to reformat and everything?

You can install the processor and ram without reformatting, no probs…

You had to reformat because you put in a whole new motherboard with all new drivers conflicting the the old mobo drivers.