Installing new motherboard



I just ordered a new mobo and cpu from newegg. I have decided to do a fresh install of xp instead of a repair as I have seen mentioned when installing a new mobo. I do have a second HD installed that has more free space available than that used on my C drive.

Can anyone tell me the procedures I need to do this, mainly how to backup and re-install my apps and files when done. Also, do I attach everything before installing windows or install the cd/dvd drives, add in cards, etc. after windows is loaded?



I would suggest that you only backup files, and do a fresh, clean install of the apps to keep the registry happy. There are numerous backup apps that will do the job, including nero, ghost, acronis true image, etc… If you need information about your apps, including serial numbers and versions, run Belaric Advisor. It will print off a very neat report showing everything currently on your system, including versions and serial numbers. Or, if you have a spare HD, copy everything to the spare HD, and put it in as a secondary with another drive as primary, and build your new image on the primary, and when you get done setting up the system, and copying all your files and stuff to the primary, then reformat the secondary for file storage…



Good info about Belarc Advisor, just downloaded it from

Didn’t realise just how much stuff I had installed.



you will want to completely wipe the OS volume before doing the install, so anything you have on there that you want to keep- make copies. Suggest you make DVD copies of both drives, just in case things go badly.

I highly recommend Acronis TrueImage for drive backups.



Totally agree with this - especially the backing to DVD’s

If using Acronis True Image (best damn backup software out there IMO) set the backups to 3.99gb - that way you can install the newly created image files to 4.35gb DVD’s allowing for leadin and leadout (be sure to mark them very carefully)



will the windows file and settings transfer wizard be acceptable for this? I really don’t have anything that important on my HD, just 45gb of crap (where the hell does all this junk accumulate from :doh: )

I would reinstall all my apps from scratch as suggested. I have a 200gb second HD (G: )that I currently use for backing up movies and music (130gb free)

Could I use the wizard to transfer everything over to the G: drive, reformat the C: drive, reinstall XP, reinstall the apps from scratch, then put back the files from the G: drive onto the C: drive as I need them. This is something I have never done before and thought this way might be the easiest, and cheapest (free :slight_smile: )



It should work…