Installing new hard 250gb?



hello guys
i want to buy new ide hard disk of 250gb 72k rpm 8mb cache either maxtor or seagate or atleast western digital …
my pc spec are
512 mb ram
256mb 6200 gforce
850mv intel motherboard
80gb seagate 72k rpm

i have 2 questions

  1. which drive should i make primary?? i heard smaller memory hard are faster ?? is that true?

2.i want to install xp sp2 and xp server2003…so which one should be installed first??

and one more question… can i install setup on secondary drive too ?? or it is not recommanded eg …
c: xpsp2 hard 1 (aslo contains boot seq files etc)
f: xp server2003 hard 2


No thats not true. The newer hard drives are generally faster. But if you want to get a really fast drive, you will have to get the Western Digital Raptor 10K speed. Otherwise, all other drives are about as fast.

Make the new drive as the primary drive for OS, apps etc.

Either. As both can access NTFS partitions.

Thats not a problem at all.


thanks mate for help :slight_smile:



If you can find a Seagate 250gb with [B]16[/B]mb cache - it will be much faster than your older 80gb - mainly because of the size of the cache-eh!