Installing new DVD writer

I am installing a new Lite-On 811s DVD writer to the secondary IDE as a master. I also have a Lite-ON CD-RW conected to the secondary IDE as the slave. My question is, do I need to connect the audio cable that came with the DVD to the sound card. The CD-RW has an audio cable connected to what I believe is the only input on my sound card. The documentation that came with the drive mentioned that the audio cable was optional. Not sure if it needs to be connected and if so how I would go about doing that.

Also, if there is anything else that I may be overlooking or should do differently, please let me know.

My system is a Dell Dimension 4300 1.8Ghz P4 running Windows XP Home.


You do not need to connect the audio cable. YOu don’t need it to duplicate cds or dvds and you can play audio cds in digital mode without that cable.