Installing new DVD burner problems



Im having troulbe installing a new DVD burner I bought.
It is a liteon 16x DVD-R\RW drive.

I have two drives right now, one a cd burner, one just a cd reader. I dont have any extra cables, so I just disconnected the all the cords from the cd reader, and left the cd burner as it is. I know the cords I took out of the cd reader are for the slave drive, so I set up the new drive as a slave (as I should have).

The problem is, whenever I turn my computer on (with the new DVD burner hooked up in it) it just sits there, beeping, also nothing shows up on the monitor. The DVD burner drive opens up when I turn it on, like its wanting a drivers disc, but when I do put the disc in that has the drivers on it, it doesnt do anything.

I have read many sites that tell you how to install it, but none of them seem to say anything about the problem I am having.

Any help would be appreciated.


It is really hard from your description to see what you have hooked up. But your BIOS doesn’t like something.

Unhook everything from your cables but the HD and then boot into the BIOS and then to windows so things are working. Then power down and add the new drive to its own cable as master (check jumpers) and boot to BIOS and then windows. From there add drives until it works or there is a problem. Also, generally, don’t put your optical drives as master on a cable with an HD.



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