Installing Nero on Vista Problem

Sorry, I imagine this has been discussed but I could not find with a search.

I bought Vista Ultimate and installed 32 bit version. I have Vista patched with all the window update updates. When ever I try to install Nero Ultra it will not let me install without installing DirectX 9. I don’t believe that I want to try to install DirectX 9 on Vista.

What the heck is going on? Nero seems very proud of the fact that their software is “Certified for Windows Vista”. There web site also claims that this version is “Designed for Windows Vista”. I also find it odd that there is nothing in their “Nero 7 TOP 27 FAQs” about Vista. Apparently no one is having this issue…

I have Gigabyte DS3 motherboard, Core 2 Duo (@2.4 GHz), 2 gb ram, ATI X1600 pro video card, and LG H42N DVD Burner.

Any help out there?


I found this on another forum.

"Not to dig up old territory, but installing Direct X 9.0c on Vista does not “Downgrade” it from DirectX10 to DirectX9. The DirectX9 components that come with Vista are “DirectX9L”, which from my understanding is basically a lite version of DirectX9, as such Vista is missing many of the older DirectX components.

DirectX9L should be able to offer the same level of application support as full DirectX9.0c - indeed, just this afternoon i tried to run Oblivion on Vista, but it wouldnt launch until DirectX9.0c was installed onto the system. Doing this did not “Downgrade” (installing an older version of DirectX onto a system containing a newer version has NEVER resulted in DirectX being downgraded) Vista from DirectX10, but simply added the missing components of DirectX9 that obviously didnt make it into DirectX9L - this is also probably what has happened for you in the case of Nero 7 on Vista."

Can anyone confirm this?

It worked…

Nero really needs to change the wording so that people do not get confused.

Dxdiag shows DirectX 10 as the directX version.

Thank you for posting your own experience on solving the problem for the benifit of others.