Installing Nero BackItUp breaks windows! (Scanner Wizard, CD Burning, etc..)

After installing Nero I discovered some Windows components don’t quite work anymore… the two I can think of off the top of my head are:

-Scanners and Cameras Wizard (multiple errors)
-CD Burning Wizard (will fail when it tries to burn the disc)

Uninstalling Nero will not fix these problems! :eek: Initially, I did a system restore to fix it. This kind of thing makes me want to do a little digging into the real cause of the problem. By snapshotting the registry before and after installing BackItUp, and diffing the files, I have determined the following:

-The BackItUp installer is what breaks Windows. If you don’t install BackItUp, this doesn’t happen.

-It does so by removing the IStream, ISequentialStream, IPropertyPage, and IPropertyPageSite interfaces from the registry. These are shared windows components that any application could need. :Z

This is a BIG bug in the Nero installer. There is no reason any installer would need to remove or modify these interfaces. The following registry script will restore the interfaces if they have been removed. Change the extension from .txt to .reg to import it.

Hi :slight_smile:
Some people don’t like to d/l file like you’ve got in your post.
So anyone wants to see this it’s here.

OK, here’s the contents if you want to copy and paste into a .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00













I unchecked the option to install Backit during installation but still got an error in the Preview function of the Scanner & Camera Wizard - so there are other applications within Nero which are causing the problem ( could it be Image Drive ?)

Grr… I diffed the registry after just installing BackItUp. The rest of Nero 7 was already installed.
I’ll restore back to nothing installed and compare that snapshot with everything installed to see waht other keys get deleted. When I have it, I’ll update the post above and reupload the file.

This was a problem with the on store shelves too. I borrowed a friend’s retail copy to preview it. Had all sorts of breakage after installing it that an uninstall didn’t put right. Had to boot the XP disc and repair Windows.

Craig, or anyone from Ahead that reads this: A nero 7 uninstall does not fix the damage this does, So your next update has GOT to fix this, right down to recreating the keys that might have been removed. These are important component classes that get registered during windows setup. They shouldn’t even be examined or modified by the nero installer!

tarunp - I restored my system to a point before nero 7 ever touched it and compared that registry to the snapshot I took after all components were installed, and I can’t find where anything has been removed. Plenty of Nero stuff added, but nothing (other than what is mentioned above) missing.

Are you using a WIA-compatible scanner in the Scanners & Cameras wizard? My old scanner is TWAIN and doesn’t use the S&C wizard, but my webcam does and the preview works fine with Nero 7 installed.

Yes I am using a WIA compatible scanner so obviously Nero affect the WIA components. If I use the scanner with HP’s software it goes into the TWAIN mode and there is no problem.Thanks for your efforts in pinpointing the root of the problem.

tarnup - well, it’s likely something is being broken that I’m not noticing on my system, because I don’t have a scanner that needs it.

I’ll post instructions on how I found the registry keys above, so you can do the same and add to the list. Don’t have time now, but stay tuned.

Well, it’s likely you have some additional components registered by your scanner drivers that are getting clobbered by the Nero 7 Installer. I don’t have them on my machine, so I can’t see the problem.

Here’s the exact procedure I used to find the ones that affected Windows CD Burning, etc… Disclaimer: You’ll be using System Restore and Regedit, so back up your data before you do this: System restore does NOT record or reverse any changes made to user profiles!

  1. Download WinDiff ( ) and save it in My Docs, Desktop, or some other place that won’t be touched by System Restore.

  2. Use System Restore to roll the machine back to where the scanner wizard works. This will probably uninstall Nero 7. If you can’t restore back that far or it doesn’t fix the problem, uninstall Nero 7, boot the XP CD, and do a Windows install repair.

  3. run regedit, right-click the top HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT tree, export, and save it to the desktop as hkcr_before.reg. Do the same for the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE tree and save it as hklm_before.reg. Close regedit.

  4. Install Nero 7, all components, but DO NOT REBOOT. Rebooting changes the registry and clutters up your analysis.

  5. run regedit and save the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE trees again, this time as hkcr_after.reg and hklm_after.reg

  6. Fire up Windiff. Load hkcr_before.reg as the first file and hkcr_after.reg as the second. You’ll get a single line saying the files are different. Click “Expand” and you see the combined contents of the files, with content unique to one file or the other highlighted.

  7. Lines that are only in the first file (before nero) are highlighted red. Lines that are only in the second file (after nero) are in yellow. Skim thru the file, paying careful attention to the HEKY_CLASSES_ROOT\Interface\ section. That’s that part Nero seems to be damaging. There will be a lot of keys that are yellow, as Nero registers quite a few components. Ignore them, or use the menus to turn off “Right-side only” lines. You may also want to turn off “similar lines”, or perhaps everything except “Left-side only” You’ll see the four Interface keys that I already found, but you might find more.

  8. If you see a registry key that is only in the pre-Nero left side, highlight the key and subkeys under it (entries that extend the top level further, like subdirectories), and press CTRL+C to copy it to the clipboard. Open notepad, and paste the key into a new file. They keys you paste should be structured a lot like the ones I’ve posted.

  9. When you have all the keys you’ve found in one file, add:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

as the very first line, save it, and change the extension to .reg

  1. Double-click the .reg file you created and you should be prompted to import it into the registry. Do so, and see if the problem is fixed. If so, keep the file because you will need to re-import it any time you add/remove/repair with the Nero 7 installer.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the hkcr* files, repeat the procedure with the hklm* files. The data you saw in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT is an alias of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes, and the same changes will be in both.
Be very careful changing anything under SYSTEM, and ignore everything under the ControlSets: They change a lot with every reboot.

Nero does something with the registration of the dlls

To make all the other Stuff working again you have to reregister all the dlls in the System32 folder in your windows installation folder

use run or write it into a .bat file (place it into the system32 folder and doubleclick)

to reregister all your dlls use this command

for %%v in ( *.dll ) do regsvr32 /s %%v

that will take a wile, after that on my system all works as before

Sometimes, the nuclear option is best! :bow:

Thanks for figuring out how to fix the scanner I did the regedit and scanner is back. I can’t say thanks enough.

I downloaded the file and changed it to .reg but Im unsure what to do next. Im new at this and don`t know how to get the file into the registry. Your help would be greatly appreciated

Just double click on the file it should ask you if you want to addit to the registry select yest and it done. You don’t even have to reboot the scanner should now work or at least mine did.

Thank you! Your fix worked like a charm.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of Nero programmers…

Downloaded the file and added .reg to the name, but the file type didn’t change…and heip

Sorry, meant to say “any help”

Whats up with these people. They have a good program and a good following but most of the time anybodys goes near an update something else breaks. To many different, seperate programs. Just make it one big program file, a 100 meg is not that big a deal. :confused:

Very special thanks to everyone here - the registry fix file certainly worked. :slight_smile:


thx my mcafee virus scan didn’t work anymore. when i checked the mcafee forums they mentioned that you should check if you had these regkeys




then i googled these up and found this place. i runned the reg file and now all is fixed again ;D