Installing NEC6650 on ASUS



Hi. I’m intending to buy a NEC6650 drive to my ASUS w1n notebook. As the drive will be shipped as Master it might not work on the notebook as the HD is master too. If i configure my HD jumper to slave the dvd drive might work?
if not, by removing the HD and being the dvd drive the only device on the ide channels, can i run the reverse tools offered by liggy to configure my device as slave directly on the notebook or, regardless, i need to buy a slimline to ide adapter.

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Successfully I changed my old dvd drive on my asus w1 but to get my nec6650. When i try to reverse ATA configuration I get “another error” Is there any manual exectutable with parametres to test if the problem is the drive being in primary channel? However i managed to get the drive working by putting the HD in slave. Is there any problem having the DVD as primary master and the HD as primary Slave?

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There shouldn’t be any real issues with having the HD as slave, but i’m no expert on laptops.


This “another error” usually occurs if you try to reverse your drive when it’s attached to the primary IDE channel. In the batch file that you execute first, an executable gets called that has a few commandline options. One of them is for distinguishing between primary and secondary controller, another one is for selecting master or slave device.