Installing Nec 2510A


Perhaps someone can help me, I’ve just got an OEM 2510A and have installed it as a secondary master, with my pioneer dvd reader as primary slave(hard drive = primary master).

The 2510A is recognised and I’ve changed the setting to DMA playback, however when trying to play a dvd using power dvd 5 the program freezes, also the hard drive light on the front of the computer flashes along with the dvd light.

My pioneer dvd player works fine without this happening. I have also tried the 2510 as the primary slave and the same thing happens.


have you tried putting the 2510 to sec. master and the pioneer sec. slave and leave the HDD as pri. master.

Which CHIPSET does your motherboard use?
Which operating system?

No have not tried that yet Teebay will give it a go in a little bit.

Dee … My computer is quite old and has Legend Qdi P61440BX BrilliannX 1S

To add to my frustrations i thought I’d try backing up some big files on my computer that I’d been waiting to do for ages last night, Using Nero 6 Express. I’d bought 25 Datawrite classic discs (grey top) that someone had quoted as working in a review on ebuyer (UK) but it just spits them out saying its a non - writable disc. Any ideas

Alcohol 120 seems to simulate a write with them OK on a disc to disc copy but haven’t tried properly yet as don’t want to make too many coasters if I’ve got something fundamently wrong.

Any ideas on other good writing software I can try ?