Installing Muse 5.1 DVD soundcard...please help!

I posted the below in the newbie section too, this topic is related to drivers (does that count as software? lol) if not i apologise in advance!

I regard myself as a fairly competent PC user but if there are ever problems to be encountered, I will find them, guaranteed!

I am begging for help because I’m at my wit’s end.

I bought a new 5.1 speaker system and Muse 5.1 soundcard. After various other problems, my speakers are now setup and I have installed my soundcard into the machine. Now my problem: the drivers.

I inserted the cd and the PC crashed for some unknown reason. Now when I try to install the drivers for my soundcard it asks for specific files, I think I recall one being “cmaudio.exe”…maybe, not sure on the extension…

I then tried rebooting and the PC tried to reinstall the drivers again before almost completing and then crashing once more. NOW I have exclamation marks (!) against some items in device manager (e.g. my 2 dvd drives) and my dvd drives aren’t available in “My Computer”.

Has anyone experienced anything like this or can anyone help me at all?

I anxiously await any help!

Many thanks,


fixed my problem, thanks anyway