Installing Muse 5.1 DVD soundcard...please help!

I regard myself as a fairly competent PC user but if there are ever problems to be encountered, I will find them, guaranteed!

I am begging for help because I’m at my wit’s end.

I bought a new 5.1 speaker system and Muse 5.1 soundcard. After various other problems, my speakers are now setup and I have installed my soundcard into the machine. Now my problem: the drivers.

I inserted the cd and the PC crashed for some unknown reason. Now when I try to install the drivers for my soundcard it asks for specific files, I think I recall one being “cmaudio.exe”…maybe, not sure on the extension…

I then tried rebooting and the PC tried to reinstall the drivers again before almost completing and then crashing once more. NOW I have exclamation marks (!) against some items in device manager (e.g. my 2 dvd drives) and my dvd drives aren’t available in “My Computer”.

Has anyone experienced anything like this or can anyone help me at all?

I anxiously await any help!

Many thanks,


start with BIOS. be sure to disable onboard sound if you have that option. you should also uninstall any drivers from previous sound device/s. use add/remove programs.
also disable any other device in BIOS seetings that you never use…COM ports, serial ports, modem etc.
set CPU frequency and RAM timings to defaults…even underclock if needed until drivers for 5.1 card are installed.
sometimes setup will not be able to locate files. usually for sound card install, on XP at least, these files are either in Windows/System OR Windows/System32.
also, see if you can pull the files off the CD, put them into a folder, then install via Device Manager/Update Driver…point the WIZARD to the folder.

oh, and try another PCI slot if all else fails.

i guess i am out of my depth totally here…where are the bios? and i think i only have one PCI slot? this seems entirely related to my driver…i am concerned about my dvd drives, i hope they are still functioning and i can fix their respective drivers…


uh oh :slight_smile:
usually if you tap the Delete Key as your system boots you will arrive at the BIOS menu. good idea if you have not been in BIOS before is to have your motherboard maker’s manual with you. it helps explain options. also if you are running Windows XP then no drivers are needed for the CD/DVD ROM devices.

thanks ghosters…

i managed to fix my problem by disabling my onboard sound before installing the new drivers…i did a system restore to fix my dvd driver issues…and now everything is working brilliantly…