Installing monitor driver

Ok I had fried my power supply dvd drive and hard drive. I replaced them and had an old copy of Windows 98 i installed. Now here is the problem. (this fixed computer is my sons i have one also) I have a Viewsonic E70f monitor and when i installed Windows 98 the driver for it was only support for VGA and I only have 16 colours. I found the driver update on Viewsonics site but here is the next hurdle. I try to hook the computer I just fixed up to my internet connection and i put the install cd in and the computer tells me i must have a mininum resolution of 600 x 800 and 16 bit colour. Now the monitor has that ability but not without the updated driver. Now how the heck can i download and transfer the required driver or what other steps can i take?

any and all help is greatly appreciated.

could i possibly contact Viewsonic and they would dend me the disk if i explained my problem?

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m not an expert, but are you sure that you need a “monitor” driver?

Check for a driver for your graphic card instead; for what I know monitors don’t need a special driver; at least initially standard windows one should be good.

What graphic card do you have?

Not sure what kind of graphics card i have. How do I check that out?

The best way is to open the case and see.

I’m not sure how to check in win98, because I have XP.

There is something like “Device Manager” in win98?

Hi jopo71. Go to your device manager and click on Monitors and it should tell what type of monitor you have.:slight_smile:
Edit: Geno888 was faster.:stuck_out_tongue:

yes there is. in the hardware profiles there is display adapters and it says standard PCI Graphics Adapter. This system was running fine before i fried half the inside. So i should realistically be able to run 16 bit colour again right?

hi crossg … under monitors it says E70f

Looks like you have a Viewsonic E70f monitor. A google would probably produce the drivers you require. Good luck and let us know.:slight_smile:

Yes I know where to find the driver but the issue is i am on a different computer right now and i cant connect to the internet with the one i have the issue with. i want to know how i can put the driver on to the troubled computer via my working computer.

You need to install a driver for your video chip first, as geno suggested. The std. PCI graphics adapter driver in Win98 will not give you a better picture.

Can’t you put it on a CD-RW to transfer?

ok i have nero 6 full edition. i am just unsure how to do it or the exact driver for the chipset. could you plese point me in the right direction to find the chipset driver and how to burn it to cd. Actually i only have blank dvd’s right now but i can run to the dollar store and get a blanl cd if needed.

Is useless to burn a dvd with few MB; if you have a rewritable CD you can avoid to waste media.

We can’t tell you what video chip your computer uses. If you don’t have any documentation, you may have to look inside the PC. It’s either on a videocard (the one your monitor cable connects to) or a chip integrated on the motherboard. Most common are nVidia and Ati chips, but there are half a dozen others as well.

It would be best if you could use a rewritable disc (as not to waste a blank dvd for just a couple megabytes). A USB-memory stick could be another option (and there’s more). If you use Nero, burn it as a “Data-disc”.

i have about 300 blank dvd’s so no biggie there. no memory stick either. just took a peek inside computer and the video card is ATI RXL 8M i believe. so now if someone could now point me in the direction of the driver for it and exactly how to burn it to a dvd through nero i am all set i hope.

Check here

Going to play with ATI drivers? You must like pain :iagree:

ok i went there geno888 and clicked the links til io got to and burned it to disk. i installed it to the computer and i have a tool bar on the side now but display problem is still there. i go to the monitor properties and only can get 16 colours.

opps look like i grabbed the wrong one trying this one now hopefully this is what i need

Uninstall the wrong driver first

You could try doing a search on the microsoft site. I used the words ati driver and came up with alot