Installing Modem on diffrent com ports

Hey guys,

I gotta a P75 that has two com ports on the motherboard. One doesn’t work (that’s com 1)

I am trying to install a modem on the computer but it doesn’t work. I tried it on all com ports (1, 3 and 4) I tried all kinds of combinations:

Under system I had this config:

Config #1

com 1 <-- Modem
com 2 <-- Mouse

other comports disabled.

Config #2

com 2 <-- Mouse
com 3 <-- Modem

other comports disabled.

Config #3

com 2 <-- Mouse
com 4 <-- Modem

They all don’t work! Does any of u guys know what else I can try. Please don’t give me advise like buy a new computer and all that crap :wink: As I am writting this message I am trying to instal win98 on the computer see if that helps but I doubt it.

p.s. I checked for IRQ conflicts and the modem (motorola pcq 56k6) worx fine on other systems


Is this an intern or extern modem.
If it’s intern, remember that Com1 & Com3, Com 2 & Com4 use the same settings.

So if it’s intern disable com2 in the bios and set the modem to com4.
Don’t use it on com3 if you have a mouse on com1

Try going into the BIOS and turning the setting on “PLUG AND PLAY O/S installed” to no.

I had to do this since my motherboard has a driver that re-assigns all the IRQ #'s.

And it worked, installed the COM port,and the modem on boot-up.

Hey u guys

I solved the problem but it did cost me some money.

Here’s how I Solved it:

I bought a ISA com port card 17 US$
I bought an EXTERNAL modem 60$

I disabled com 1 in the bios, strangly win95 wouldnt detect my ISA com card on COM 1 although I did set the jumpers. I disabled all the com ports on the main board and then installed com 2 on the mainboard…

I am gonna make a mirror file of C with GHOST so that I don’t have to fuck around with it when win crashes.