Installing Liteon CD-RW Drive

I just bought the Liteon 48x12x48 but am having a little difficulty with the installation - it says after you remove the PC cover, you
have to set the:

“Master/Slave jumper on rear panel of CD-RW.
1.Set the jumper to Master device if your CD-RW will be the only device that will connect to the Secondary IDE port.
2.Set the jumper to Slave device if your CD-RW will be connected to Primary/Scondary IDE port.”

Which one do I choose?! I don’t know what secondary and primary IDE ports are…so i don’t know which one to choose. Can sum1 help? :confused:

It would help to know what your current IDE configuration is. How many IDE devices are connected at this time? Let’s assume you have a single hard drive, and it’s the primary (master) device on IDE channel 1. Now, do you have a CD or DVD ROM drive in your system? If so, is it connected to the same ribbon cable as the hard drive, or on a seperate cable (secondary IDE controller)?
We can proceed from here after you fill us in.

Ummm…I have a single CD-ROM drive on the computer right now, and well…the rest of the stuff you said I didn’t really understand :confused:

OK…I have a CD ROM drive, a hard drive and Floppy disk drive on th computer right now. Each one has a grey ribbon coming out of them connecting them to the main part of the PC. They are all seperate ribbons. So in total there are three ribbons.

What now?

If your cd rom is on a ribbon by it’s self that rom is set as master on the the Secondary IDE port. The cd-rw drive you are installing is Factory set to Slave. Look on the back of the cd-rw to make sure, if not set it to slave. Now hook the cable up to the cd-rw with the red strip next to the power plug on the cd-rw. Most of the cables has a nich on the plug and will only let you plug the cable in on way, but i’ve seen them with out this, just make SURE when you plug in the cable that the red strip goes next to the power plug on the cd-rw drive. All cables has a red strip on them, that is pin#1. Now plug in the power cable it will only plug in one way. put every thing back togather and turn on the puter. after puter boots up you will have a new cd-rom in your puter…
Remember take your time and recheck every thing before you put the cover back on.


How’d you make out?

It installed OK as slave:bigsmile: thanx!