Installing lite on dh 20a4p04



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DH-20A4P. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I just installed this dvd burner and though it opens and closes, the main computer doesn’t know the burner’s there. What did I do wrong? I’d really like to use it to make some gift cd’s.


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To write on CDs, is necessary to use a proper software. There are many available, some easy, other bloated with (for the most) useless features, and other excellent. Some are free and other are really costly.

My suggestion is ImgBurn (free, easy to use, and it has also advanced features).

However, to get better suggestions, some more information are needes. What type of CDs do you want to do exactly? Are these movies? Music? Computer data?


geno888 summed it up… but if your trying to create AUDIO CD’s then i recommend “Burrrn” as it’s free and is pretty easy to use.

i also agree with the ImgBurn recommendation.


The problem is - the dvd burner is connected inside the computer, but doesn’t show up in “my computer”, so I can’t send files there.


well if i where to guess im going to say you did not setup the jumper settings right.

check the ‘jumper settings’ and see if those are right… cause if you got only 1 dvd-rom type drive in your PC it should work fine like it is most likely… but if you got 2 or more or even a hard drive connected on same cable as the dvd-rom then you will most likely need to adjust the jumper… i.e. that little plastic piece in the back of the drive.

also in general i would avoid connecting the dvd burner on the same cable as the PC’s hard drive.