Installing lame codec

I am a newbie so please be gentle with me. I have been looking on the net for a solution but can’t find any help. Please, please can someone help me with this problem. I want to use Xmpeg to encode a movie in Divx and I am confident that I can do this except for one thing and its driving me mad. I cannot install lame codec! In the output format section I select MPEG 0 Layer 3 but in “available audio format” drop down tab the highest setting I can choose is 56 k/bits 24.000htz stereo. I want to use 128k/bits and downloaded lame acm codec but I don’t know where to go from here???:confused: Please can anyone offer a solution to my problem. Thanks in advance!:bow:

I quit trying to use Xmpeg as it was too buggy. Lame MP3 is limited by rows of 48,000 Hz. choices when I test it. If you are determined to use Xmpeg, I would suggest that you go to Xmpeg and download the MP3 codec at the top of the page.

This will install the Fraunhofer-Radium v1.263 MP3 codec which will work with Xmpeg.

I use Gordian Knot for Divx. It is far superior to any FlasK or Xmpeg version. :wink:

Thank you Inertia your solution worked a treat. :bigsmile: Where would “Newbies” be without you “Die Hards”.

Im gonna give Gordian Knot a try too!

Thanks again. :bow:

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile:

And welcome to the forums, EmmaJ. :wink:

Xmpeg 5.0 works well for me. I ran into the same issue as EmmaJ, which is that the default Fraunhaufer MP3 encoder only goes up to a measly 56 kbps. I installed the Lame MP3 codec from

Click on the Audio Tools link and/or search for “Lame”. The version I have successfully used is 3.95.1.

To install the Lame encoder:
Unzip the Lame zip to a temp folder,
Right-click on the file LameACM.inf and click Install.

Reload Xmpeg and the Lame codec will be available in the audio drop-down box!