Installing kprobe2 w/o aspi


is there anyway to install K-Probe v2 w/o installing the bundled Adaptec ASPI driver v4.6?

Yes there is. After installing Kprobe don’t reboot your computer. Go to the Windows folder and find folder called Forceaspi (Kprobe put it there). Open it. Double click file Killaspi.bat. Then, go to the C:Program Files\Ahead\Nero. Find file Winaspi32.dll and copy it into the Windows folder. It is absolutelly safe to use Nero aspi if you don’t like Adaptec one. After that you don’t even need to reboot to use Kprobe.

there no winaspi.dll inside windows folder, but in windows/system.
should i copy the nero version to the Windows/system folder instead?


id be careful about deleting aspi files etc. whats the reason you want to not install aspi?

Just copy Nero version to the Windows folder! Not to Windows\system!
You can check the version of the Winaspi32.dll in the Windows\system folder.
It is from Adaptec. I found that Killaspi.bat doesn’t delete Adaptec aspis. It just desables loading them. Start Nero Info Tool and check Aspi. You must see that system aspi has the same version number as Nero aspi. I know a very usefull trick how to delete Adaptec Aspi totally (and not only them!) but i work with Russian version of Windows and don’t remember all those names in English! If you can wait for tomorrow, I 'll install English Windows and post this trick for you.

I use my system as follows:

Adaptec ASPI on system folder. This is the default ASPI layer to use, unless…

Nero WNASPI32.DLL file in those applications’ own folders, which I want to use the Nero aspi instead. The apps will look in their own folder first and use Nero ASPI, instead of Adaptec ASPI.

Why do I sometimes want to use Nero instead of Adaptec ASPI?

Nero ASPI allows the software to see some external USB 2.0 burners, that my installed Adaptec ASPI version does NOT allow the software to see.

So, I use Adaptec on those that work and Nero on others.

If one doesn’t work, I can always try the other aspi layer.

This setup hasn’t caused me any grief as of yet and I’ve been using it for some years now.

Ok! Here it is! Go to My Computer->Properties->Hardware->Device Manager. Open View and tick Show Hidden Devices, then open Non-Plug and Play Drivers. Find Aspi. Right click on it. Choose Uninstall. Reboot.
Another trick! Go My Computer->Advanced->Environment Variables->system variables.
Variable value-TRUE
Press OK. Reboot. Go to the Device Manager. In Tne View tick Show Hidden Devices (You must do it every time if you want to see Hidden devices and not only them!) You can see now the phantoms. If you update your drive’s firmware Windows installs new device and old becomes a phantom (non present device). In the DVD/CD-ROM Drives you can uninstall all phantoms.

thanks for all the tricks will try them out asap,
i am trying to see if using different type of aspi will impact the kprobe result

doubtful but good luck. plus if you use a different version than the rest of us then how are you going to compare scans? my aspi and spti results are identical on scans thats how you know you have a good scanning drive! and krpobe is designed for the aspi it came with using any other version will distort your scans. Is kprobe giving you bad scans? maybe your just not getting great burns… :wink:

anyways cant you just put wnaspi32.dll in the same directory as kprobe and it will use that instead of the one in windows/system?? why go through all the above mess?

You can use blue, red, or purple ASPI, but it has no effect on the results. It either works or doesn’t, and has nothing to do with what the drive reports. If you wish, just use the SPTI driver instead.

“Dont take the purple ASPI man! it causes bad burns…everyone stay away from the purple ASPI!” :stuck_out_tongue:

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my ldw811 have not come back fro rma yet,
from wat i can remember, i get different result when using aspi and spti (kprobe v2),
will try with pressed dvd when i get my drive back.

anyway to verify if the current kprobe scan is using nero or adaptec aspi?

Hwo do I get rid of the black on purple text in the Kprobe window? I can barely see anything. My KP window dont look like the pictures people post. I think when I installed it, it was normal but then mutated because KP didnt like me… :smiley:

if you copy the nero aspi to kprobe folder,
which aspi (adaptec or nero) will kprobe use ?

no…but id rely more on your aspi results than you spti one.