Installing gif. avatars



Can anyone tell me how to install a gif. avatar? Thanks!:confused:


Assume you’re talking about here on CD Freaks.

It’s just like adding a normal avatar…

Click here:

Pay attention to the guidelines there…you may have to resize, etc etc.


I installed this gif. image just like a jpg. image. After installing file there is no movement of image? Thanks!


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Did you check the GIF upload requirements as advised by Albert? Where does JPEGs come into it…?


No I didn’t read Albert’s gif. upload requirements. This is all new to me. Where can I get Albert’s gif. upload requirements? Thanks!


Click the link in my first post. You should see the same thing as the picture below [I have manually highlighted the requirements in red/orange].


Thanks Albert, I have followed the guidelines but still have no movement of image???

See Avatar…


Find somewhere to upload the GIF and PM me the link, please. I’ll look over it and see what I can do.


@fswizardry: your avatar image is apparently a JPEG (file extension ‘.jpg’), so make sure you’re choosing to upload a genuine GIF image with a ‘.gif’ extension.


@ OP,how are you creating your animated GIF?
I used this lil tool to create mine…


And I used the same program to create mine LOL.:bigsmile:


Hey Everybody, Thanks for your feedback. I believe I understand now that I really don’t know what I’m doing…Let me start over.I’ve downloaded and installed your tool. That’s when I realized. Basically, I want to install a wizard image with movement and any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks