Installing games on my laptop so that they don't need the disk to play them



Hey guys I used to be registered for this forum awhile back but I forgot my PW so I had to make a new one. Anyway I’m needing some help computer wise and I didn’t know where to post this so I posted it here.

I want to start installing games on my laptop so that they don’t need the disk to play them. Can anyone help me or point me in the direction to a thread that can help me.



You need some software to make and mount a game image to a virtual drive…anyone…

Do you have Alcohol 120% or Nero?


GameJackal is probably the best at this.

Others will disagree and say Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools and a few others.


:iagree: especially for a laptop with limited HD space.
GameJackal has temporarily been taken down, so you can use another special ripping program to dump an entire game image, and mount it with Daemon Tools.


Others will also agree :slight_smile:


Alright so since gamejackal has been taken down temporarly would Alcohol be a good program to go with in this case?


Given the fact that many games will refuse to install if they detect Alcohol or Daemon Tools or any virtual drive why not just go to GameCopyWorld and get no cd cracks for the games on your laptop?


@diskwatcher: Discussion on cracks and unauthorised patches are not allowed on these forums. Read the rules.

You should be able to find a copy of (freeware) DVDdecryptor around somewhere, it should be able to dump a CD / DVD image for you.
Despite above advice, The latest version of Daemon Tools works fine, and only the newest of new titles is able to blacklist the current version of DT. At any rate, new versions of DT come out approx every two months to address issues with games that “detect” it’s use.


Because we don’t allow discussions about the altered .exe files of commercial software.

As debro says, you need to read the rules again:

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Designate a partition of your hard drive to “Movie” then divide that partition among different directory or folder with 5 GB sizes each and called them Movie1, Movie2, Movie3 and so". Rip and encode each moved in to any of these folders Movie1, two, or three so then you will have a library of different movie in each folder and you can always choose to play any of those movies and see it in your computer screen.


Am I the one getting the warning or is diskwatcher?

And thanks for the help guys.



You’re welcome.