Installing fonts into Wine

having trouble, feeling stupid.

installed wine into rh9 from the latest non-devel rpm. trying to run valve’s steam software, so i can play cs / dod with my roomies without rebooting into windows. after installing steam, it appears the proper fonts are missing, and the box runs without any useful content being displayed.

i have an ntfs drive with windows xp installed as well. is there any way to run my steam install from there, without the re-install on rh?

got it to work, at least the fonts. forgot that the /.wine/ directory was hidden :P. just copy all fonts from windows fonts file to the %home/.wine/fonts folder.

trying to get CS 1.6 to work now. gl to me!

gl to you!

no love so far. attempted to log into my steam account, and it could not contact the network. will get more indepth on it this weekend, as 3 exams >importance than CS, barely.