Installing Firmware - Samsung SN-324F

I have downloaded the firmware file but do not know how to install it. Can someone help please. What I am trying to do is change the reagion back to region 4 because it is stuck on region 1 after 5 changes that one of the kids did by accident. Thanks for any help. :bow:

You’ve downloaded WHAT firmware?

You cannot reset the counter.

Can you explain how I upgrade firmware please. I download the latest firmware file but how do I run or install it. Thanks.

Just open the file and chose the drive you want to flash load the firmware and press OK. Wait a few seconds and it will finish. The reboot your computer. I would suggest doing this in “Safe Mode” even though I know most people do not. Just a precautionary move. If this is not enough, go to this site and they have manuals that you can read discribing exactly how this is done.

If you’re after circumventing the region stuff get AnyDVD. :slight_smile:

Best suggestion yet. Good one kg evilboy.