Installing fan with 2 molex's?

As you can no doubt tell i am a newb when it comes to hardware. I just got a new case and i want to move everything from my old one to this one when i get a new motherboard. The case came with some fans and a psu and stuff but no instructions or anything. The fans are all fans that light up but they each have 2 molex’s. One is a male molex which i assume you just connect directly to the PSU and the other is a female. I have no idea what to do with the female molex, does it somehow connect to the motherboard? Also am i right in assuming this is what you do with the male molex connector?

Thx for all your help

The Fan is powered by the first Molex, the other end is so you don’t use up all your drive power connectors - just ignore the other end if you already have enough connectors to power all your drives.

Speed indicating fans are powered by a 3 pin fan connector from the motherboard, the third wire providing a rotation pulse to monitoring software, if used. Some speed indicating fans combine Molex power (too power hungry to be driven from the motherboard) and the indicator line to a fan connector.

I can tell you that my fan RPMs are:
Heatsink: 4373
Case Intake: 2443
Case Exhaust: 4350

Since I have 3 pin motherboard power fans all round.

No I don’t have a storming powerful exaust fan, this rotten case uses a 60mm in the exhaust / AGP cooling position - NEVER AGAIN!