Installing external dvd combi writer

i recently bought a sum-vision enclosure and a pioneer 110 multi dvd writer. ifit the writer in the enclosure,fine.connect the enclosure to the pc with usb 2 cable.(yes my computer does have usb 2) windows xp media edition recognised new usb hardware. when i look in the my computer icon the drive does not show up. if i put a disk in the new drive it sounds like its reading it,but nothing shows on the screen… mabey im being dumb but could someone offer me some advice. thanks

You should either ask the m$ support or visit their support sites.

Is your Pioneer jumper set to master?

no i had it set on slave then cable select…the drive in my pc is a slimline type you get in lap tops, there are no jumper settings on it at all

Set the Pioneer to master as chas0039 indicated.

tried it still does not show up

First, make sure your USB2 ports are enabled in BIOS. Check in manual how to enter compu’s BIOS.
Second, did you ever visited M$ Support as proposed above?

Do you get a new icon in activity field (at bottom of screen) when you have enclosure connected and start up your compu?
If so, right click it to expand and check what information is shown there.

no icon at bottom of screeen and usb ports are enabled

Are your other (if any) USB devices recognized correctly? Did you visit M$ link above.

To narrow down your issue, try your enclosure on an other computer to make sure it’s recognized at all. Not all combinations of burners/enclosures are compatible, and my experience of Pioneer burners is limited.