Installing both Vista and XP

I have 2 HDD. First i installed Windows Vista in C: Drive on first HDD than i install winxp on second HDD. But i see XP has take over the vista operating system so i have choose vista startup repair from vista bootable CD. Now i see My xp was gone only one operating system was looking and that is Vista. I want to know how should i restore xp again and manage both operating system. :confused::confused:

Here’s a link to a step-by-step how to:

Just ingnore the part about shrinking/resizing partitions because you are installing on two separate hard drives.

What I do is disconnect one drive, install the OS on the connected drive, reconnect both and choose the boot order on startup.

With two hard drives you would be way better off using removable racks (mobile racks).

A small price to pay for eliminating dual boot headaches.

Barring hardware failure, you will be guaranteed access to a working Operating System as you can easily swap racks.

Thanks for reply. Now i done something different. But i want to tell to dummies do this way if you think it is easy.

Please note if you want to install 2 OS, than first install the XP on C: Drive (Recommended) and than install the Vista on D: Drive. That’s what i have done and now everything was working fine.


yea, with XP and Vista, you have to install XP first, as Vista takes precedence if you do it the other way around. also note that if you use system restore in XP, when you boot into Vista your XP restore points will be wiped.

Install vista on C: then install XP on next HDD use the vista disc to repair Vista’s boot loader, Then install Easybcd run it, add Xp to the loader