Installing BenQ 1650 Firmware

With my old LG drive, I had to open the computer box and make sure only the 1 drive was connected to the mainboard as “Master” before running the firmware update program

Do I need to follow any such steps with the BenQ drive?

In my current setup, my BenQ is connected as master, with a LiteOn 52327S CD-RW as slave

The BenQ doesn’t have any problems being flashed as master or slave or when other drives are connected as well. And just FYI the current LG drives don’t have this problem now either. :wink:

This is true at least since the good old 4082B :iagree:


Oh, ok, thats interesting to know.

My old LG drive is a 4160B and needed to be the only one connected on the IDE cable, as well as being set as master, before updating firmware.