Installing BenQ 1640... HMM




In box was the Lite-On CD-RW and Toshiba DVD-ROM…all working fine…shut down computer…

Disconnected and removed Toshiba, and connected the BenQ 1640…

Turned computer on…starting to boot up…showed Asus motherboard splash screen… then, NADA… black screen with cursor flashing …

What do you think?

1.) Bad BenQ1640?
2.) Should I have removed the Toshiba DVD-ROM in Device Manager first, shut off, then installed?

Firmware of BenQ is “BSHB”…





Not enough info there for dumb guy me…


Hi :slight_smile:
Jumper wool sheep Oh nnnnnoooo
On your 1640 you have jumper settings for master slave cable select
The 1640 needs to be set the same as the Toshiba
This should sort things hopefully


I agree with DeadMan

Verify that drive jumper is set correctly. Jumpers are the little things on the rear of drive, neas IDE plug. Choose the correct configuration, master or slave, and verify also a correct cable plugging. If you set burner as master, use the terminal IDE connector, whereas if you set as slave use the intermediate IDE connector on the cable.


I have OEM BenQ…

master/slave pin settings:

1 2 3
4 5 6

BenQ jumper covering 2-5

Thx guys…


According 1640 manual this should be setted as slave.

Try to put jumper in position 3 6 (master), and connect this drive to terminal IDE connector on the cable.

Then put the other drive as slave (see on drive manual for the exact position or see indications on the drive rear) and connect to intermediate connector on IDE cable.