Installing and partition new laptop hard drive

i having problem installing xp in my new laptop. when i boot from xp cd it says no hard drive dectected…hard drive is i am able to run fdisk…as its only detecting 10 gb…and if i format hard drive after using fdisk…my c drive show 80 gb space but i want partition…so how can i do that ?
using partition manager or dm 9?
is there any way to detect hard (i mean space) from bios ???

sys spec
HP 1.7gh dual core1 ,512mb ram,80gb hard.

I think u have a sata hdd drive mate. 2 things u can do to partition and install xp:
1 find your sata controller driver, press f6 while installing windows and insert a floppy ( bet u do not have a floppy)
2. Look a setting in bios where it says sata controller and the type where it says native… change it. I dunno your exact bios but there is the place u have to look
Than u can partition with windows as any regular hdd