Installing an External DvD Drive/Recorder



Okay, here’s my problem, I hope someone can help me with it. (btw, I run a Pentium 3 processor and Windows xp, just in case that’s relevant)

I got a Samsung DvD recorder for Christmas. Model: SE-S204S/AMWN
It came with a Disc for TruDirect External DvD writer software, which was fine, unitl I coudn’t install it. The Software said I have to be running my computer in 32 bit color, and my monitor and videocard (frankly, i’m not sure which one takes care of that function, though a friend tells me it’s the videocard) only runs in up to 24 bit color as far as I can tell, since I tried to adjust the settings through my Desktop properties and 24 bit was as high as the options went.

Now, I can’t see a single reason why I shouldn’t be able to install a third party freeware program in its place and run the DvD drive through that, but here’s the problem I encountered. The drive hooks up through a USB port (which I already did, and I already plugged the DvD drive in too, as funny as that joke can get) but when I open up the “My Computer” Window, it doesn’t show up in any way, shape, and form. I even went into the right click menu for the “My Computer” Icon, clicked manage, properties, and a bunch of other stuff, searched it high and low, and it didn’t even seem to know the drive was there. This was after restarting my computer to see if that would do the trick. Frankly, I’m befuddled. Anyone know what to do here?


Do you have Windows XP fully updated? At least Service Pack 2? Service Pack 3 is the last one.

Does this computer have USB 2.0 or is it only USB 1.1?


I have Service pack 3 for xp, I’m not sure how to check what USB I have. How do I do that?


Guide for checking USB controller type.

Do you have any other usb devices to check if the ports are working on the computer?