Installing A09XL

In the review of this drive it says:

To achieve the specified writing and reading performance it is important that the DVR-109 is connected to the IDE port via an 80 way ribbon cable and that the IDE port is at least UDMA 66 or above.

I understand that I will need to change my 40 IDE cable to a 80.

How do I find out if the IDE port is at least UDMA 66 or above?

All IDE cables have 40 pins on each connector. The difference between an 80 conductor & 40 conductor cable is most evident by the different color connectors. All three connectors should be a different color. Your drive should have shipped with such a cable. The blue connector should be plugged into your computer’s IDE port, and the grey connector into the Pioneer drive. The black connector is reserved for the Slave device on that bus.

If your computer is less than 4 years old, it’s likely UDMA 66 or above. Also verify that the port is in UDMA and not PIO mode through your System control panel.