Installing 3 cd-drives

How do I go adding a Cd-rw drive to my system that already has a dvd and a 4x cd-rw drive. Is this possible? If so do i need a different IDE cable with a third connection or what?

You are limited to 4 drives total on your MB IDE. Your best all-around route to improved performance and compatability is to install a PCI hard drive controller and move your hard drives to that, then you have 4 IDE positions open for optical drives.
As you add drives and hardware, don’t forget that your OEM power supply may not be up to the load, and you will also need to look at your case cooling.
Personally, I would toss the 4x RW drive in the trash and replace it with the new one.

Hmmm it seems to me that there’s still 1 IDE connector left, since I can’t find a clue that your system has 2 harddrives in it.

You can add a controller to the system, just like RDG said. I would not worry too much about the capability of the PSU. If it doesn’t work (this results in system instability!), just replace the PSU, or indeed, throw the 4x drive out… you won’t really miss it I guess :)…

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