Installer Probs

I recently got Soul Reaver 2, but ever time i go to install it, the installer window flashes up for about .95 seconds and closes again.
I can’t work out whats wrong. I’ve shut down all other programs, unplugged unnessacery periphrals and made it into an image file, all without success.
Yet it works fine on my friends computer?
Please help. Has anyone had problems like this with other programs? Is there a way to install it without using the cd’s installer program?
My system is a Pentium 4, 1.8 ghz, 40 gig hd, 512 sd RAM, lite-on 48x burner and lite-on DVD-rom, running Windows Xp Pro.
Suggestions would be much appreciated.

You installing this from the original or a backup? -> if it is the backup, try the original

What video card do you have? -> try updating the video card drivers