Installed Wrong Firmware

I own an LG GSA-4040B Super Multi DVD Writer and have discovered that whoever set it up on my computer has installed the wrong Firmware. The Firmware should be GSA-4040B A303 but is infact GSA-4163B A105. Is there any way I can change this?

Installing the wrong firmware on an LG writer will usually kill the drive. Normally when that happens, the drive will be in a state where it is non functional. You won’t be able to read or write to the drive at all. Also, it should either go into recovery mode (where it will show a strange model number) or in severe cases, it won’t show a model number at all because it is dead. It certainly will NOT show 4163B A105 as the model number!

If the drive seems to be working, it is more likely that somebody has changed your drive for a LG GSA-4163B and you actually have a different drive. I suggest opening up the casing and checking the label on the top of the drive.