Installed SSD Unavailable to VeloSSD

Good morning!

Looking for some guidance on why one one of the SSD’s I have installed in not seen by VeloSSD.

It works fine as an empty file volume in the OS, but when I go to choose the SSD to setup caching, only the C: and D: drives are available.

C: is the system volume, and D: is a RAID0 volume with Steam and Origin folders on it. I do not want to use the D: volume for caching if I don’t have to as I was wanting raw SSD performance for my most used games like BF3 , C3, etc… I would have to move everything off of that drive to the drive I am trying to accelerate (3TB WD Green, currently the F: drive)

I’m looking to purchase the Pro version as I have 120GB SSD I would like to use. This is currently the E: drive.

Thank you in advance. I have already found some useful info on other topics here.


I changed the drive letters around so that the SSD I want to use is now the D: drive. Still only gave me the same options.


I noticed that the SSD I wanted to use was formatted FAT32. Reformatted to NTFS and that did the trick…

Now let’s test this puppy out.


SSD was found to be faulty so I needed to remove it from the system as it started crashing Windows while VeloSSD started doing the cache work.

Of course, now I cannot remove the software because I cannot disable the cache without velossd.sys causing a bluescreen every time.


  • Unplugged HDD
  • Rebooted
  • Removed cache (software complained about not being able to remove the driver because the volume was missing)
  • Shutdown
  • Plugged in HDD
  • Booted
  • Uninstalled software to clean it up

Good to go… it was worth a try.