Installed ratdvd and the hell broke loose




I got a rat dvd´ed file from a friend. installed the newest version of rat dvd and now i am lost.
I have a version of media portal installed, a hauppauge 350 tv card and a SB Z2 soundcard aside of many other things on my machine.

Now this happend, my TV Card does not display any tv program any more. RatDVD itself does not give any sounds anymore over my pdif card.

MP 10 does not work at all. Many other players show sound or picture, never both

It screwed my whole system. If I want to get any sound of my soundcard anymore I have to reset the card to get anything out.

Bloody hell…
If anyone has any idea aside of format c: or a small fire near my machine would be great!


I don’t have any problem whit ratDVD, you make mention to pdif card, in the options of ratDVD you have a option concerning whit PDIF, I Think, from my memory.

If not resolve go to a restore point before you got the problems.

Whit WinXP he should make every time before install a new program a restore point!