Installed new PX-760a now system won\'t boot (Plextor Internal DVD-ReWriter Drive PX-760A, Bulk)

[qanda]This thread is about the Plextor PX-760A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello,

Just bought a new old stock PX-760a. Prior to installing the 760a my compy was/is working fine, no problems with Samsung s-202j drive.
I installed the 760a and the system won’t boot. The board, an Asus P5Q Deluxe, post OK, fans are on but just blank screen.
If i return to the Samsung, no problem system boots right up.
Any idea what may be causing this?

Do you have the jumpers set correctly?

Yes i should have mentioned that. It’s set to master, i only use one drive.Also as I said when i switch back to the Samsung, no problem. I did take the 760a up to a local shop and it woked fine there. I’m not a computer pro but it must be something with the Asus P5Q’s IDE controller, or a Bios setting that’s beyond my knowledge.

Well that was the next thing for me to say was put it in another pc.

Someone will post that knows that mobo as i’m not familiar with it.

I also have a PX-760A that was working fine in my existing system.

I just upgraded to an ASUS P5Q-Deluxe and connected the 760A into the sole IDE connector.

I powered up the motherboard, got the short OK beep, but no POST screen, just a blank monitor! Repeated booting yielded the same results.

Once I Disconnected the IDE cable from the motherboard, it would beep OK again and continue to POST OK!

Luckily I had another dvd burner, LiteOn SATA version and was able to use that to instal Win XP.

I even updated to the lastest BIOS, but had the same results.

Called ASUS, Tech thought it was a bad Marvel chip that controls the IDE port.

THis gets even stranger!

Express Gate was ENABLED in the BIOS when this occurred.

I disabled the Express Gate in BIOS, restarted and then shut off.

I reconnected the PX-760A and powered up, the system POSTED OK!!
Wondows also recognized the drive OK!

BUT, when I tried to shut Windows down, Windows shut down but the motherboard was still running!! (CPU fan, Video card fan)

Called ASUS again. Another Tech asked to try another IDE device.

I connected just an old, spare IDE hard drive and system booted Ok.

Enabled/Disabled Express Gate with the IDE hard drive and experienced no problems. Windows shuts down OK and MB shuts down OK.

Because the IDE hard drive worked OK, the Tech stated that the IDE controller (Marvel chip) was working OK.

Tech suggested I try to connect another brand IDE burner and test it.

Do’t have one, but will try to borrow one to check it out.


Hi and Welcome!

most “IDE” controllers that are slapped on Intel chipset motherboards, don’t support optical drives properly.
So this is not a problem of your drive, but a general problem of modern motherboards with Intel chipset.